You are an expert in your field.
You are passionate about your subject.

But You struggle with translating your expertise and passion into writing

You do not have to struggle with writing anymore!


Your Ideas




 Your Audience

An online course to help you master
the skill of writing well, delivered
by Dr. Elizabeth Howell.

You can learn to write
confidently and effectively


Capture and hold your reader’s interest


Banish writer’s block


Tailor your writing to the right audience


Create compelling narratives


Conquer imposter syndrome


Deliver a message with impact


Write things people actually want to read

You will learn the important skills you need to turn anything you write into something interesting and meaningful.

Whether you write:






Web Copy


White Papers


Press Releases


Technical Guides

Imagine what could happen if you felt
more confident in your writing:

You could make more sales, help your workplace accomplish amazing things, and stand out among your peers.

Who is Dr. Elizabeth Howell?

Elizabeth’s freelance business has been thriving
for more than a decade.

Photo credit: Danielle Donders/Mothership Photography


She writes for clients on numerous, wide-ranging topics  — from life in space to the value of education.


She has three books about space slated to be published in 2020.


Her expertise is well-received by students at Algonquin College, Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute, the University of Ottawa, Carleton University and La Cité collégiale.


Her Ph.D studied how people implement communications under isolated and somewhat dangerous circumstances.


Reference clients include Forbes, CBC News and

Suffice it to say, writing is her life!

Benefit from Elizabeth’s twenty years of experience as a professional writer.

Learn to write like a pro!

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