Course Information

Dr. Elizabeth Howell designed the Wise Writing course to help professionals like you gain true writing confidence. The engaging, interactive and informative lessons will give you the knowledge you need to turn anything you write into something interesting and meaningful.

After you’ve finished the Wise Writing program, you will be able to:

  • Capture and hold your reader’s interest
  • Banish writer’s block
  • Tailor your writing to the right audience
  • Create compelling narratives
  • Conquer imposter syndrome
  • Deliver a message with impact
  • Write things people actually want to read 

The Wise Writing course will teach you how to master professional documents such as:

  • Briefing Notes
  • Memos
  • E-mails
  • Web Copy
  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Technical Guides

Most importantly, the Wise Writing course will help you to develop confidence in your writing ability. The days of second-guessing your work, shying away from projects and struggling to put your thoughts and ideas into words are behind you.

You are already an expert in your field. Together, we will launch your career forward by helping you master the art of writing.

True writing confidence is just a click away.